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Do you have a tendency to hit thin or fat shots? Do you struggle with distance control when pitching, chipping or putting? Do you have trouble reading greens? Do you hit that perfect shot that misses the green or ends up in the woods?

Your eyes and how your visual system works has an impact on every single aspect of your game. How you read a putt, how you align your body to hit a shot, how well you can remain balanced throughout your swing and how well you can see your target are all important aspects of the golf game that are directly affected by your visual system.

Important questions to know:

  • What is your dominant eye?
  • Do objects appear closer or farther away than they really are?
  • Can you correctly align to the target?
  • How good is your usable vision or visual acuity?
  • Do you need corrective lenses?
  • Can you visualize?
  • How is your hand-eye coordination?

If you would like to know how your vision is affecting your game, what color lenses you should be using in your sunglasses,  if you should use the line on the ball when putting for alignment or if you should use a putter with or without alignment aids please visit and contact me today.