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2020 & 2024 Western New York Section PGA Teacher of the Year

About Marc

Marc Rosa is a Head Golf Professional, TPI Certified Golf Mechanics Level 3 Instructor, Level 3 Junior Coach, Level 2 Power Coach and K-Motion Certified Level 1 Golf Instructor at Wanakah Country Club in Hamburg, NY. Marc recently opened a private year-round golf performance center in Clarence Center, NY that has two indoor to outdoor bays, a Trackman simulator and gym. Marc has various coaching, instruction and player development programs for golfers of all age, skill, and commitment levels.

Marc Rosa will work to lower your scores by testing for physical strengths and limitations and designing a golf swing that is uniquely tailored to your physiological strengths. This unique program for each specific student is created and implemented by utilizing the following technology: K-Motion 3D Biomechanics, TPI Workouts and Trackman 3D Doppler radar tracking technology.
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(J3) TPI Certified Junior Coach

Focuses on teaching the skills required to run a junior golf program for ages 17 and under. The program is based on TPI’s Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) Program and gives the tools necessary to run and operate a successful junior gold program.

The first track focuses on the LTAD basics, growth velocity, Active Start (ages 0-5), Fundamental Phase (ages 5-8), and Learn to Play Phase (ages 9-12), windows of opportunities, coaching themes, conditioning themes, the Wave training circuit, the SMASH Zone training circuit, and now to get kids on the fold course at an early age.

The second track focuses on the pubertal growth spurt, the Learning to Compete Phase (ages 12-15), the Train to Compete Phase (ages 15-17), High School golf, the Wave training circuit, Golf 4 Life Program and the Elite Development Program.

(G3) TPI Certified Golf Mechanics

The Golf Mechanics track focuses on all aspects of swing analysis, swing mechanics, ball flights, launch monitors, advanced 3D biomechanics, vision and the visual system. The track includes both full swing and short game.

 The first part of the track focuses on the full swing including identifying and manipulating the ball flight. The use of launch monitors and video swing analysis are covered in great detail as is the use of 3D motion capture to identify how to change a players movements to be more efficient.

(P2) TPI Certified Power Coach

The Power Coach track focuses on a single skill –  how to hit the ball farther. All aspects of power development including equipment modifications, swing tips, swing characteristics common in long hitters and physical training techniques are covered in great detail.

The first track focuses on power development which includes speed development windows, power sources in the golf swing, power testing, strength testing and physical training techniques designed to help hit the ball as far as possible.

K-Vest Certified Level 1 Golf Instructor

K-Vest is a 3D motion capture system that accurately analyzes the 3D motion of a golfer’s swing. The software captures swing efficiency, via the kinematic sequence graph and allows users to view key biochemical information including posture and dynamic movements. K-Vest instantly illustrates the cause of distance and accuracy issues, provides critical information required for analyzing swings and helping each player achieve their goals.

US Kids Golf Coach Certified

US Kids Golf Coaches are experts in teaching golf to children under the age of 12 years old. US kids Certified Coaches use game based coaching strategies to make learning the game of gold fun and ensure that the junior golfers are playing the game from properly scaled yardages.


Lowering golfers’ scores by developing an efficient, repeatable motion and impact position based on each golfer’s functional movement skills.

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