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The TPI Certification program was created in 2005 and has educational tracks for golf professionals, medical professionals and fitness professionals. All TPI certified professionals take the same level one class that gives the professionals the necessary tools to help identify that each golfers body and physical characteristics are the reason that they swing the club the way they do. The level one certification class also educates the attendees to the basic tools to help fix each individuals body and swing characteristics. After level one the professionals are separated into their areas of expertise and are encouraged to seek more specialized education.

The additional advanced tracks that are available are:

Golf Mechanics Level 2 & 3: This program is for golf professionals that want to improve their diagnostic skills, specifically ball flight, club fitting, and advanced biomechanics of both the full swing and short game. This enables the golf professional to enhance their ability to help golfers of all skill levels.

Golf Coaching Level 2 & 3: This program is an advanced coaching track that teaches golf professionals how to coach by understanding motor learning and how to create and build successful practice programs for students of all levels to succeed in competition.

Power Level 2 & 3: This program can be attended by golf, fitness, and medical professionals who are interested in learning how to properly develop speed and power for the golf swing. This track explores the body, biomechanics, and club fitting to maximize the student’s ability to create more power. Jason Zubak, a 5 time world long drive champion is part of the faculty that teaches this track.

Junior Coach Level 2 & 3: This program is designed for golf, fitness, and medical professionals who are interested in learning the science and research behind coaching and training children, learning about growth velocity, biological age and when and what skills should be introduced to the golfers based on their biological age instead of their chronological age.

Fitness Level 2 & 3: This program is for fitness professionals and gives them the tools necessary to build golfer specific exercise programs to build strength, speed, mobility and stability in each individual golfer.

Medical Level 2 & 3: This program is for medical professionals and gives them advanced screening techniques to create a plan to find and attack injuries. This program also focuses on how to rehabilitate injured golfers of all ages and skill levels.

As you can see by the programs stated above, TPI is an educational program much like a college or university. There are over 10,000 TPI Certified professionals in 57 countries throughout the world. In 2012 23 of the top 30 golfers in the world rankings worked with TPI Certified teams. To find a TPI Certified Expert to help you with your game, go to or visit my website at to begin to take your game to the next level!

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