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This article originally appeared in The Buffalo News on June 26, 2013

This is a simple drill that has benefited me and many of my students over the years to hit iron shots longer, more solid, and more consistent and should benefit your game as well.

This drill is called hit and hold. It helps to create a great impact feeling for golfers with early releases, casting or scooping motions. If you find yourself losing power or hitting shots that curve to the right (slices for right-handed golfers) you may be releasing your wrist angles too early in the downswing.

First, take your normal address position and focus on shortening your back swing while fully hinging your wrists. On the downswing try to maintain the angle created in your right wrist as long as possible.

It’s important to hit the ball by holding the angle in your right wrist and turning your body through the shot. It may feel as though you have an abbreviated follow through but this will give you the feeling that you need to stop the casting and scooping motion and will lead to longer, more solid iron shots.

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